the kantean

The Kantean started with adventure in the forefront. Whether in the mountains, in the desert, on the beach or at the lake, the adventure is never far. Sometimes tea is the upper and sometimes tea is the downer. Sometimes tea is perfect for community and sometimes tea is perfect for solitude. Whether your adventure is near or far, among many or just solo, the Kantean is always a good travel companion. 

Forever tea has been the drink for the adventurers. The explorers. The risk-takers. The revolutionaries. Whether it was used to provoke deep thought and arouse the inner spirit, or it was used as a currency and life-source for nomadic explorers. Or whether tea was contraband used in black-market sales, or it was the tipping point for global revolution. Tea has always been the drink of the world changer. Tea is the drink for the bold. Tea is the drink for the adventurer. Find your tea and steep your own adventure.